Canaan Lions Motocross
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2020 Aug 9 - 8/9/2020
Canaan Lions MX
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50cc Junior (3-6)50cc(3-6)
50cc(7-9)50ccOpen (3-9)
65cc (A) Expert (7-9)65cc (B) Amateur (7-9)
65cc (C) Novice (7-9)65cc (A) Expert (10-11)
65cc (B) Amateur (10-11)65cc (C) Novice (10-11)
65cc Open (7-11)85cc (A) Expert (9-11)
85cc (B) Amateur (9-11)85cc (C) Novice (9-11)
85cc (A) Expert (12-15)85cc (B) Amateur (12-15)
85cc (C) Novice (12-15)85cc Open (9 -15)
85 cc Big Wheel125cc Novice
125cc Amateur125cc Expert
250cc Novice250cc Amateur
250cc ExpertLadies
Open MX NoviceOpen MX Amateur
Open MX ExpertOpen Enduro
Veteran (Over 30)Senior (Over 40)
Super Senior (Over 50)Masters (Over 60)
Vintage 1 (Dual Shock)Vintage 2 (Mono Shock)
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