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SoCal Vintage MXClassic 8  - 6/3/2017
Glen Helen
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All Classes
F1 100cc Facty Works ProF3 100cc Facty Support Int
F3 100cc Factory Support NovV1 Vintage 125cc Nov
V1 Vintage 125cc IntV1 Vintage 125cc Exp
V2 Vintage 250/500cc NovV2 Vintage 250/500cc Int
V2 Vintage 250/500cc ExpV3 Vintage 50+ Nov
V3 Vintage 50+ IntV3 Vintage 50+ Exp
V4 Vintage 60+ IntS1 SoCal CZ Challenge Nov
S1 SoCal CZ Challenge IntS1 SoCal CZ Challenge Exp
C1 Classic Open IntC1 Classic Open Exp
E1 EVOlution 125cc NovE1 EVOlution 125cc Int
E1 EVOlution 125cc ExpE2 EVO Nov 250/500cc
E2 EVO Int 250/500ccE2 EVO Exp 250/500cc
E3 EVO 50+ Nov 250/500ccE3 EVO 50+ Int 250/500cc
E3 EVO 50+ Exp 250/500ccE4 EVO 60+ Nov 250/500cc
E4 EVO 60+ Int 250/500ccE4 EVO 60+ Exp 250/500cc
R1 REVOlution 125cc NovR1 REVOlution 125cc Int
R1 REVOlution 125cc ExpR2 REVO Nov 250/500cc
R2 REVO Int 250/500ccR2 REVO Exp 250/500cc
R3 REVO 50+ Nov 250/500ccR3 REVO 50+ Int 250/500cc
R3 REVO 50+ Exp 250/500ccR4 REVO 60+ Int 250/500cc
R4 REVO 60+ Exp 250/500ccD1 DUNLOP DASH Nov
21 2-Stroke 125 Nov22 2-Stroke Open Nov 250/500cc
23 2-Stroke Vet 40 Exp 250/500M1 Modern 4-Stroke Nov 250cc
M2 Modern 4-Stroke Nov 450ccM2 Modern 4-Stroke Exp 450cc
24 230 Max 4-Stroke Int24 230 Max 4-Stroke Exp
M4 Mini Stk (18+) 100-125M9 Mini UNLTD (16+) Int
M9 Mini UNLTD (16+) ExpM8 Mini UNLTD 15/- Nov
WO Womens Open IntWO Womens Open Nov
WO Womens Open Exp25 2-Stroke Vet 50 Nov 250/500
25 2-Stroke Vet 50 Int 250/50025 2-Stroke Vet 50 Exp 250/500
M10 Modern 4-Strk Vet 50 NovTE Team Race Evolution
TR Team Race RevolutionM10 Mod 4 Stk Nov Vet50+
M10 Mod 4 Stk Int Vet50+M10 Mod 4 Stk Exp Vet50+
M6 Adult Mini Mod ExpTM Team Race Modern
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