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PRO NORTHWEST MX ROUND #6 2019 - 6/2/2019
Please Select a Class from the List Below
All Classes
250 Beg (D)250 Jr (C)
250 Int (B)250 Pro (A)
450 Beg (D)450 Jr (C)
450 Int (B)450 Pro (A)
Unlimited Pro (A)50cc Beg (D)
50cc Jr (C)50cc Open
65cc Beg (D)65cc Jr (C)
65cc Int (B)65cc Open
85 Beg (D)85 Jr (C)
85 Int (B)85-150cc Supermini (C/B)
85cc Open (Beg)25+ Sportsman (D/C)
25+ Expert (B/A)30+ Sportsman (D/C)
30+ Int (B)30+ Expert (A)
40+ Sportsman (D/C)40+ Int (B)
40+ Legends (A)Schoolboy 12-16
Collegeboy 17-24Women Sportsman (C/B)
50+ Relic 
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