2016 Competition Riders of America
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HS - Big Game Turkey Run - 11/20/2016
Hubbard, Ohio
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1. Jr. Pee Wee Bike HS2. Sr Pee Wee Bike HS
3. 65cc Bike HS5. Jr. Mini Bike HS
6. Sr. Mini Bike HS7. Money Bike
8. 125cc - 200cc Bike HS9. 250cc Bike HS
10. Open Bike 251cc- Open HS11. 4 Stroke Bike HS
12. Vet 30 and up Bike HS13. Senior 40 and up Bike HS
14. Super Sr. 50 and up Bike15. Masters Plus 56 Bike HS
18. Woodsman Bike HS20. Jr. Mini Quad HS
21. Sr. Mini Quad HS22. Super Mini Quad
23. XX A / Money25. Open B Advanced
26. Open C Intermediate27. Sr. I 30+ Quad HS
28. Sr II 40+ Quad HS30. Jr. Woodsman HS
31. Woodsman Quad HS32. Utility Quads HS
33. Quad Overall 
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