WNYMA Event Results
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51cc Oil Inj. 4-851cc Pee Wee Jr. 4-6
51cc Open (4-8)Quad Novice
51cc Pee Wee Sr. 7-8Quad Amateur
65 Mini 7-9Quad Expert
65 Mini 10-11Jr. Mini 7-12
Senior Mini 85(12-15)Open Mini 10-16
Schoolboy 12-16Collegeboy 14-24
250 Beginner250 Novice
250 Amateur250 Expert
Open BeginnerOpen Novice
Open AmateurOpen Expert
Plus 25 Am/NovPlus 25 Expert
Plus 30 NovicePlus 30 Amateur
Plus 30 ExpertPlus 40 Novice
Plus 40 AmateurPlus 40 Expert
Plus 50125 2 Stroke
Women's 12+Mini Quad 50cc Production
Mini Quad 51-90cc Prod.Quad Schoolboy 10-16
Quad Collegeboy 16-24Quad Novice
Quad AmateurQuad Expert
Quad +25 OpenSchool Girl
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